When it was decided, for the sake of money and power, to suppress newfound knowledge of viruses and exosomes, an entire new field of research was left untapped. Exosomes today, are being exploited by Pharma as something to use for cutting-edge drugs. What else would they do with it? They have to make money, whether its good for you or not. But, no one in the field of medicine has a full understanding of exosomes. 

As painful as it may be, if one wants a full understanding of this field (and the world desperately needs us to have this understanding), then you have to start by learning what a somatid is. And, that everything is created from somatids. 


The first video dates back to the 1980s and is poor (by current standards) quality. But, they actually show what is happening under the microscope, and it is critical that we never lose this data.

For a full understanding of reality, you must start with the first video (what is a “somatid”). But, you can skip to the second and third videos  for more updated observations and understandings of exosomes and how the information is applicable today.