The purpose of this website is to share information that has been suppressed since the 1980s… concrete information as to the actual mechanisms of viruses which are actually exosomes.

Since the early 1980s our high school students, in biology class, should have been learning that the old theory of viral contagion was proven to be false, and that exosomes form internally based on external environmental factors.

It was at that time that science was able to observe under new powerful microscopes the cellular activity in the action of the excess times within.

I discovered this information in the mid-1990s. And ever since that time I’ve been trying to share this information with the world. But people would look at me as if I had three heads. The problem with academia is that everybody treats the knowledge that they learn as if it is truth. Academia causes us to lose the true nature of science. Which is, “ask questions and find answers.”. When we stop asking questions, it is no longer science.

It’s very sad to see all of the vaccine-damaged kids and now adults because of this false narrative. But, it’s now more important than ever to get this information out.

Textbooks need to be written based on the real science that has been suppressed.
This information should be taught in high school biology classes and, of course, in the medical universities.

The microscopes that were invented in the 1980s should be commonplace in medical schools. The tragedies of this entire past year could never have occurred in the way that they happened if the truth was embraced in the 1980s, rather than the universities and the pharmaceutical companies propagating the lies for the sake of money. And now for ultimate control of humanity.

The truth must be propagated with the same vigor that these lies have been propagated. Textbooks must be written and implemented in high schools and universities. The media must embrace this topic with documentaries and talking heads that speak the truth and not the mainstream narrative of propaganda. We must reign and these tyrannical governments.

The medical lie must be exposed and replaced with the truth, if we are ever to be a free people again. If we don’t take action now to educate the population with the truth, then future false flag events will be used to further clamp down on the freedoms of the people.

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